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Felicia Day Spills The Beans On Dragon Age: Redemption

The Whedon-troupe fave has written and stars in a Dragon Age spin-off for the web

The six-episode series, which will premiere later this year, is set in Ferelden, the same fantasy land where the Dragon Age games are set.

“Tallis is headstrong, she fights dirty, and she has a really sarcastic sense of humor,” Day tells USA Today . “I wanted to bring a modern sensibility to a fantasy character in a fantasy world.”

In order to defeat the forces of the Darkspawn, Tallis has to gather her own felowship. “She can't accomplish her mission alone, so finding allies is tricky. The success or failure of the mission will have a big impact on her future and her freedom.”

And as a hard-core gamer herself, Day reckons she has the right empathy for the genre to produce a series that will appeal to fans. “I am an organic gamer and I love games, and I particularly love this franchise. I put every single effort into making this something that gamers will be proud of. Even though we were constrained a lot as a Web series, none of the people who were involved took that as a constraint. They took that as a challenge.”

Directing Dragon Age: Redemption is Independence Day associate producer Peter Winther, while Lost’s John Bartley is cinematographer. “They are going to take this a step above what we have seen on the Web before,” enthuses Day.