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VOTE! Your Favourite Trek Characters

We need to know!

Here are the rules this time:

* You have to vote for three characters, listing them in a 1, 2, 3 preferred order (one being your favourite – we assume you'd guess that but it's best to make sure).

• They can be from any official Trek series or film (though we're drawing the line at characters only seen in the novels or comics)

• If a character has been played by two or more different actors, please state your preferred actor (this also means you can vote for the same character twice, if you want – ie, 1 - Shatner as Kirk, 2 - Pine as Kirk).

• You can submit your votes in one of three ways:
By leaving a comment at the end of this article
By posting a comment on this thread on the SFX forum
By emailing your votes to - please title your email Trek Vote (or something similar)

What are you waiting for? Get voting!