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Trexels: How Many 8-Bit Trek Characters Can You Identify?

Artist John Martz recreates Trek in glorious ’80s game-o-vision, but how many can you name?

Consider this an ersatz Blastermind for the weekend. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to organise the regular quiz this week (if you read From The SFX Office you’ll understand why) but we think you’ll enjoy this one-off replacement. We did!

It’s a piece called Trexels created by Canadian artist John Mertz depicting 235 Star Trek characters in charmingly pixelated 8-bit video game era form. A severely limited edition of 300 went on sale at his website , but we can still appreciate his fantastic work even if we can’t get our hands on an original.

So, how many can you identify? The answers are here , but no peeking until you’ve had a good stab at it! (Click on the image for a slightly larger version.)