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Teaser Video For Mark Millar's Supercrooks

[Via Heat Vision ]

Supercrooks , the new comic book series from Mark Millar ( Kick-Ass , Wanted ), hits shelves this Wednesday, and to whet your appetites he’s collaborated with Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalando for a video trailer.

The book, co-created and drawn by Leinil Yu ( Superior ), is about a group of supervillains head to Europe to pull off to work their evil, figuring that that there are too many superheroes in America these days. Millar describes it as, “ X-Men meets Ocean’s 11 ”.

Early plans for a film are underway (of course). Nacho Vigalondo, the Spanish filmmaker behind 2007’s Timecrimes and 2011’s Extraterrestrial , is attached to direct a film version with a script co-written by Vigalondo and Millar. Marc Platt, who produced Wanted , is on board to produce.