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Stargate Universes Alaina Huffman Teaser Interview

The actress who plays TJ reckons she was in a similar position to her character when she joined the franchise

“I think initially some of us paid a little too much attention to the blogs and the fanbase,” she says. “We had to learn for ourselves not to listen to that because it can be really horrible. They can be really mean . But people are entitled to their opinions… I thought it was a positive that these characters are growing and developing. I know it is different from the Stargate brand, since we are all not sure of ourselves, but I think it’s more representative of the truth, to be quite honest. I think all of us in life are in a position to grow and it can be overwhelming. As a person I am starting this new show with a huge fanbase and it’s got its grip on the world. I can definitely relate to TJ. She goes into it saying, ‘I know I can do it and I know I am good at what I do but this is really overwhelming.’ I don’t think that takes away from her strength at all. I think in fact all of the bones are there but she just has to muscle up and that’s representative of all the characters.”

Read more of the interview in SFX 196 – out in the shops on 5 May.