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Space Invaders: The Movie

Well, at the least the CGI FX could be pretty cheap and nobody would complain

While nobody would ever claim that Hollywood’s summer blockbusters rely on complex, multi-layered storylines to get bums on seats, the latest trend in licensing in La La Land seems to have abandoned any pretence at buying up properties with anything resembling actual plots – late ’70s and early ’80s arcade video games.

According to The LA Times , Warner Bros is currently negotiating for the rights to bring Space Invaders to the big screen, while Fox is already developing a film version of Missile Command , and Universal is whipping Asteroids into shape for cinematic glory.

If Warners nabs the rights, then the film will be produced by Mark ( Saving Private Ryan / The Day After Tomorrow ) Gordon, Jason ( Paranormal Activity ) Blum and Guymon Casady. No news on who'll have to try to turn the concept of missiles shooting at UFOs into anything resembling a script, but as starting points go, it’s a bit like buying the rights to a Post-It note with the words "shoot UFOs” scribbled on it.