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Rotten Tomatoes in the UK

Flixster guarantees it will continue the UK version of popular Rotten Tomatoes film site following 2010 takeover

The movie portal Flixster acquired the popular reviews aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes in January. Despite rumours going around, we can confirm that Flixster is not dropping Rotten Tomatoes in the UK:

"Flixster is absolutely committed to continuing the localised international versions of Rotten Tomatoes, both in the UK and Australia, which have been enormously successful and popular with cinemagoers," a spokesman told SFX this week. "Rotten Tomatoes will continue featuring localised content for each market, as well as the best (and worst) reviews from critics from the UK, as it has for many years!"

Flixster is apparently centralising its editorial content in Hollywood ("to bring fans closer to where the movie action is") and bringing more of Rotten Tomatoes’ content to users of both sites. So there you go! Rumours quashed.