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Robert Zemeckiss Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

Nope, he’s not doing a remake of the Irwin Allen TV series, but has signed up to direct the ocean-floor based Dark Life

Robert Zemeckis is set to direct a new Disney family adventure set on the ocean floor called Dark Life , reports Variety . The script is based on a yet-to-be published young adult novel by Kat Falls set in a near-future world where rising seas levels have forced humanity to create homesteads under the ocean. The story is about a couple of teenagers who develop superpowers and try to uncover a government conspiracy. Disney hopes the film could be the first in a franchise.

It is not clear yet Zemeckis will be bringing his beloved CG performance capture technology to the movie (which he’s used on Polar Express , Beowulf , A Christmas Carol and the upcoming Yellow Submarine ) or whether it’ll be good old-fashioned live action. However, Disney has announced that, in a cost cutting measure, it is shutting down ImageMovers Digital – the company which produced the performance capture FX for those movies – at the end of the year once Mars Needs Moms has been completed, so maybe Zemeckis will return to live action again.