Muppets Return to TV

The Muppets are back on US TV with a series of specials partly designed to provide a build-up to the release of the next Muppet movie in 2010. But these specials all seem a bit US-orientated so it's unclear if there'll be any interest from UK broadcasters.

The first couple of specials have been specifically aimed at young kids, partnering up Kermit, Fozzie and co with stars of the US Disney channel (such as Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, the Cheetah Girls and other moppets we've never heard of, but who all presumably have very nice teeth), as a way of getting a new generation Muppet literate. One’s was broadcast earlier this month and another is due in October.

But don’t worry. The gang hasn’t gone totally pre-adolescent on us. The next Muppet project is clearly aimed at those of us with body hair. It’s a Muppet Election Special to go out in prime time in November to coincide with the US Presidential Elections. Vote Sam, we say.

And then looking even further ahead, the Henson company is planning a Christmas Special for 2009, which will hopefully the first in an annual event. Now that’s what we'd like to see after Doctor Who on Christmas Day rather than the latest death in EastEnders and Strictly Come Ice Dancing.