Monkey Magic for Time Out

London listings magazine Time Out will feature a special cover painted by Tank Girl creator and Gorillaz cohort Jamie Hewlett to mark the London premiere of the Monkey: Journey to the West stage show.

The musical show, which originally had a one-off performance at the opening of the Manchester International Festival last year, is the brainchild of Hewlett and Blur/Gorillaz front man Damon Albarn. It’s based on the smae 16th century novel which formed the basis of barking mad, cult TV show Monkey. Hewlett and Albarn also created the Monkey-inspired animations which accompanied the BBC’s Olympic coverage.

Monkey: Journey to the West is being staged at a new events site next to the O2 Centre (née the Millennium Dome) in Greenwich from 8 November to 5 December.

The Monkey edition of Time Out will also feature a gallery of previous covers Hewlett has designed, a Hewlett-penned Monkey comic strip and a Hewlett-designed iTunes download card with a free download.