Get free stuff, get published and more

There’s so much cool stuff going on with SFX at the moment, some of it could pass you by if you're not in a particularly observant mood, and we'd hate for you to miss out...

Don't forget that the latest Doctor Who special is on sale now (only £5.99). It comes with a free Doctor Who novel ! Pop down to your local WHSmith before they sell out.

If you have aspirations to be a published author but have never seen your name in print, now might be a good idea to write down one of your ideas - yep, Pulp Idol , the SFX writing competition , is open again. Have you submitted your entry yet?

Meanwhile, if you were thinking of subscribing to SFX, now is the time - there is a brilliant choice of gift running online at the moment for those who sign up. Free bag or free (top notch) DVDs! Don't miss out.

And here is a link to some other cool services you can enjoy with SFX , including the latest trailers and our Facebook page for keeping in touch. Have fun!