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First Photos From Fringe The Musical

Yes, it’s true. JJ Abrams’s increasingly more bizarre show goes all “Once More, With Feeling” (Minor spoilers)

The weirder Fringe is getting the better it’s getting, so by that rule the upcoming episode “Brown Betty” should be pretty amazing. Y’see the show is set to go all “Once More, With Feeling” on us with a musical episode (due to air in the US on 29 April).

In the episode, Walter dealing with some upsetting news, telling Olivia's niece, Ella a fairy tale that includes musical performances by Olivia and Agent Broyles (we betr he has a great crooning voice).

“We didn’t set out to do a musical,” says executive producer Jeff Pinkner. “We set out to do an episode that explored Walter’s state of mind – he’s dealing with some very upsetting news. When we realised that the way Walter would deal with such news would be to try to anesthetise himself with copious amounts of marijuana, well, singing and dancing became a natural outcome.”

John Noble (Walter) took it all in his stride: “I’ve done some musical theatre and enjoyed it. But I’m not the A-lister here. Lance Reddick is a superb musician, and it turns out that Anna Torv has a beautiful voice. I think the audience will find it good fun.”