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Finally Lost Season 6 Footage Will Be Previewed

So far no footage or stills from season six of Lost have been officially released because, say the producers, anything they release will give too much away (they clearly should have employed Star Trek Voyager’s set photographers… 99% of episodic stills on that show looked like they could have come from any episode). Promos until now have comprised clips from past seasons. However, that’s all due to change, a mere two days before the season is due to air in the States.

Lost producer Cartlon Cuse Twittered yesterday, ""For those who want to see it, the first promo on ABC with new season six footage will air on Sunday in Desperate Housewives."

So, for those of us in the UK, keep your eyes on YouTube on Monday. Although what's the betting the new footage will be more confusing than revealing?