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David Tennant Joins Fright Night Remake

The unexpected – but brilliant – choice to take over the role made famous by Roddy McDowall in the original

Well, well, well… in the fantasy casting we’ve doing in the office about who should take on the role of Peter Vincent, the lat night horror TV host in the remake of Fright Night (a role memorably played by Roddy McDowall in the original) we never came up with David Tennant. And yet… what a brilliant, left-field choice.

Tennant joins Anton Yelchin as the teenager, Charlie, convinced that his new neighbour, played by Colin Farrell, is a vampire. Charlie turns to Peter Vincent for help, reckoning that his TV role must make him some kind of vampire expert. Toni ( The Sixth Sense ) Collette and Christopher ( Kick Ass ) Mintz-Plasse are also in what must be one of the most eclectic and intriguing movie casts for a long time.

The original 1985 film is a genuine cult classic, and the new version is being directed by United States Of Tara producer/director Craig Gillespie.

So, David Tennant in a vampire movie. That’s going to be a bonus when it comes to the next SFX vampire special…