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Buck Rogers 3D

Resident Evil movie overseer Paul WS Anderson has signed up to direct a new big screen version of Buck, and it’ll be in 3D, of course

Buck was originally a 20th century astronaut who fell into suspended animation and woke up in the 25th century, to become a defender of Earth against intergalactic threats. But now that we’re in the 21st century will they send him to the 26th century? Or, perhaps, into another dimension altogether – a dimension that’ll take advantage of all that new 3D technology? Certainly the ’80s TV show would have loved to have access to some of that, if that those endless shots of Wilma Deering’s cleavage and tightly-clad arse vanishing down ventilation shafts are anything to judge by (in season one, anyway… it all went a bit PC in season two).

And anyway, we’d rather have a Farscape movie…whinge, moan, gripe, just won’t let things go…