Web trails

Here's some handy work avoidance for a Friday morning. The final Spidey 3 trailer hit the web today, and it's a doozy, with loads of new footage and the movie's Venom storyline coming to the fore.

The trailer certainly hints at the movie's much-vaunted darker tone. Allied with the tar-like alien symbiote, your black-suited neighbourhood Spider-Man isn't quite as friendly as the conventional blue and red variety, and Peter Parker's new bad boy persona isn't helping his relationship with Mary Jane.

As for the action, it looks like Sam Raimi's pushed it up a level, and the glimpses of Spidey fighting with new Big Bad Venom (there's not new much footage with fellow villain Sandman, sadly) make the movie's release on 4 May seem a long, long time away.

But enough of our yakking. Go see for yourself courtesy of Comcast . Just keep telling yourself, only 42 days to go...