Underworld Pair Team Up For I, Frankenstein

Kevin Grevioux, screenwriter and co-creator of the Underworld franchise, and Patrick Tatopoulos, monster-maker-turned-director for Rise Of The Lycans, are teaming up for I, Frankenstein, based on the Darkstorm comic series.

And since the associate producer and co-developer, Ryan Rotten, is managing editor of the Shock Till You Drop website, guess where you can find an exclusive interview with Grevioux about the project?

According to the official announcement: “I, Frankenstein brings back many beloved classic monsters including Frankenstein's Monster, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Invisible Man, Dracula, Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde plus many more, in a re-imagined contemporary setting. Creature effects guru turned director Patrick Tatopoulos will helm the feature. 'I don't know of any other projects past or present that gives you the chance, in a single movie, to re-invent the MOST CULT CREATURES OF ALL TIME. All of this in a very unique, dark and stylistic world. I would never pass on such an opportunity,' says Tatopoulos."