The finale is going to deliver on the Us vs Them theme of the season

As the castaways’ trials and tribulations continue on that island, one of the men who puts them through hell for our entertainment has been gabbing about the future of the show. Speaking exclusively to SFX, series creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof shared some gossip on the end of season three (now showing on Sky One): “We'll be paying off a lot of the stuff we've set up and it's pretty damn exciting,” he said. “You'll be seeing Rousseau again... and the epic nature of the finale we're building to is finally gonna deliver on the ‘Us vs. Them’ theme of the season. It's payback time! As for reveals, well, we've got some good ones coming up!”

As for answering the million-dollar question on whether the show’s going to be wrapping up any time soon, Lindelof opted to keep it cagey. “We're currently talking to the ‘Powers That Be’ about that very question, so we're not gonna go on record on when (or if) the show's gonna end,” he explained. “But everyone agrees that sooner or later, it needs to. The fans have been so patient and they deserve nothing less.”

Find out more about the end of Lost’s third season in the new issue of SFX, on sale from Wednesday 11 April.