The Legacy Of Gerry Anderson Lives On

Stand by for Action! New Gerry Anderson Shows are GO!

For generations Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson’s name has been synonymous with drama,
excitement and space adventure through supermarionation, live action and CGI. But when TV’s most
famous puppet master passed away in December 2012, many thought that this would be the end of an
era. However, fans should stand by for action as new Anderson projects are on their way!

In a surprise announcement that will thrill fans both young and old, Anderson’s production company
Anderson Entertainment has today announced that it is actively pursuing a number of projects, the first
of which will be unveiled shortly. To coincide with the sci-fi renaissance Anderson Entertainment has
also launched a new website celebrating the Gerry Anderson back catalogue, with the promise of more to

Gerry’s younger son Jamie, now head of production at the legendary producer’s company said, “Dad was
working on a number of projects which he was sadly never able to complete, so we’re proud to be seeing
these through to completion. We hope that we’ll be introducing genuine Anderson productions to a brand
new generation, whilst at the same time carrying the legacy torch for the classic shows like Thunderbirds , Captain Scarlet , Stingray and Space:1999 . One thing’s for sure; there will be no strings attached!”

• The Official Gerry Anderson Website:

Dave Golder
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