Nathan Fillion is still a hero

You may remember Martin Firrell's striking Hero project that garnered many responses from around the world last month: here 's our original story. Nathan Fillion is the face of a giant art project examining the nature of heroism in our society and how it needs to evolve.

Well now part two is up and running, and you can see it at this website:

"Take a peek," says Firrell. "There are some very moving thoughts contributed from all kinds of folks. Add your own thoughts and ideas to the blog. Pass on the URL..."

There's a MySpace page dedicated to the project too, so check that out.

Don’t forget that Nathan Fillion answers your questions about his roles in Firefly, Buffy, Slither and so on, in the latest issue of SFX (number 160, on sale Wednesday 1 August 2007).