Lost viewers... lost!

A couple of years ago we couldn't get enough of Lost, but as the third season comes off hiatus in the US, it seems that the fans have found better things to do with their Wednesday nights: the latest episode has scored the lowest ratings the series has ever seen.

"Flashes Before Your Eyes", the eighth episode of the third season, scored a 5.6 rating in 18- to 49-year olds, with 12.7 million viewers overall, according to Nielsen Research. That's two million fewer viewers than last week, when the series returned from its three-month mid-season hiatus. It's not the first ratings slip this season has seen, either: the season three premiere returned ratings that were 20% lower than season two's. The reason for the falling ratings? Media Life Magazine suggests that "the most likely reason is that fans are dissatisfied with the drama’s dragging plotlines. Message boards are full of complaints about producers’ failure to tie up almost any of the mysteries on the show, instead adding new ones as well as new characters."

Is the writing on the wall for the ABC hit? We'll keep a watchful eye on things as they develop.

Source: TV.com