Fringe Deserves To Live Beyond Season Three, Says Abrams

But the show won’t dumb down to try to prevent cancellation, he promises

Speaking to TVGuide he says that Fringe is about, “a woman who was experimented on when she was a kid… about a man who might not have come from here… about a father who is holding incredible secrets including those that mean war. These are things we talked about at the very beginning. To not embrace that means that we will fail on other people’s terms, so, if we’re going to fail, let’s go down doing the most badass, weirdest, interesting, sophisticated version of a series that we could possibly do… Fringe deserves to live beyond season three.”

Meanwhile, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly last week reassured that if the viewers who watched the show on Thursdays all made the move to Fridays, then those kind of audience figures would be more than enough to keep Fringe going.

Dave Golder
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