Fifty of our favourite SF t-shirts part two

KITT happens
Price: £18.99
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Continuing the iconic autos theme... “KITT happens”: it’s a bit like “ Shit happens”! Do you see? Suit yourself then, ya mardy-arse.

Han job
Price: $19.00
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And while we're doing bad puns, here's one that's utterly crass, crude, juvenile, politically incorrect... and quite amusing.

The League Of Cliche Evil Super-Villains
Price: $15.00
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Evil amphibian! Butch henchwoman! Gangster puppet! On a similar theme, check out The Hall Of Cliche Superheroes and Useless Superpowers .

Always midnight somewhere
Price: $18.00
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Is there anything more beautiful than werewolf-man/vampire-girl love? Aww.

Little Ash
Price: $22.00
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Far cuter, however, is this design, which imagines what an Ash LEGO figure might look like!

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