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Exclusive Joss Whedon and Amy Acker clip

Fans of Joss Whedon rejoice, for Dollhouse has finally made its onto DVD! The first series of the ambitious sci-fi show (featuring the Actives, whose minds are routinely altered to carry out whatever new task might possibly be required of them) has been confirmed for a DVD release and will be in stores on Monday, 7 September. The DVD is reviewed in the latest issue of SFX magazine , and here's an exclusive clip to watch right now. Yes now! It shows Joss Whedon talking through Dr Claire Saunders office in the Dollhouse.

Besides the inclusion of the full series, the DVD extras includes two episode commentaries, the obligatory Making Of, cast and crew interviews, the unaired original pilot and the thought-provoking 13th episode which was not shown in the US. Use this Dollhouse DVD to get up to date ahead of the second series from Fox, due to premiere in the US on 25 September - full interview and guide in the next issue of SFX.