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Emma Watson Reveals An Additional Scene In Deathly Hallows

There’s a moment that’s been especially written for her right at the very start of the penultimate Potter movie

Hermione actress Emma Watson reveals in the new issue of SFX that a vital new scene – not in the original novel – has been added at the beginning of Harry Potter And The Daethly Hallows .

““[Director] David Yates asked Steve Kloves to write this lovely scene at the beginning of the movie which is not in the book, but which I feel is very important for Hermione’s character. You see her wiping her parents’ memories in order for her to start off on the adventure with Ron and Harry. She knows that Voldemort could try to use her parents as a device to get to her in some way, which means they might be in harm’s way. So she wipes their memories so they forget she ever existed. All the photos of her around the house disappear. It’s a really tough way for the film to start but really important to see the sacrifices that she has to make.”

A major behind-the-scenes feature in the new SFX also reveals that Rupert Grint’s stubble was real (“They did experiment with sticking bits of hair on my face, but it didn’t really work…”), that Warwick Davies helped cast 60 goblins for a scene in Gringotts and that the final film makes more of the ultimate Harry/Voldemort confrontation than in the book.