Dark Crystal 2 axed?

Fans of Jim Henson's classic fantasy film The Dark Crystal gave a collective squeal of excitement with the announcement that The Henson Company were working on a sequel. Genndy Tartakovsky was signed up to direct The Power of the Dark Crystal and has been sifting through the pre-production work for the last two years, with a planned release date of 2008. But there are whispers that it may not happen at all now.

According to a report on film ick , while the project is officially "on hiatus", unofficially it's been scrapped altogether. The Henson Company have, as yet, not released any statements regarding the status of the project, leaving children of the '80s worldwide hugging their knees with worry in anticipation of something more official.

True or not, this is certainly not an indication that the fantasy genre is falling from favour with The Henson Company, who recently announced the acquisition of the film rights for three fantasy novels: Susan Cooper's The Boggart, The Doubtful Guest by Edward Gorey, and DM Cornish's Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy.

Source: film ick