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Babylon 5 Boss Describes Thor Movie Cameo

J Michael Straczynski was surprised to get a little more than a Stan Lee-style cameo

According to Comic Book Movies , Straczynski, who wrote a celebrated run on the Thor comic, was initially just going to do a walk-on role, but, says the writer, “[Branagh] decided I could act. Despite all evidence to the contrary!” The role involves a man driving down the road. He see Thor’s hammer landing and goes to check it, trying to pull it from the earth. When he can’t lift it, he calls his buddies and gets them all to come help him try to wench it out. It’s all very similar to what happened at the start of Straczynski’s run on the comic. “I’ve vanished into my own narrative!” says Straczynski.

This scene is also rumoured to feature a cameo from Stan Lee as a truck driver.

This is not the B5 creator’s first cameo. In the final episode of his legendary space opera he appeared as the technician who threw the switch that turned off all the lights on the space station.