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Avatar Breaks $2 Billion Barrier

Avatar has broken yet another box office record in its seventh week of release. It has now broken the $2 billion barrier in terms of box office receipts. According to The Hollwood Reporter its current accumulative world wide box office gross stands at $2.045 billion, having taken another $95.1 million in 120 different countries this past weekend.

Second place world wide this past weekend went to Sherlock Holmes, which has now passed the $400 million barrier, which seems piddling in comparison to Avatar but at any other time would be considered a very good result indeed.

Avatar also continued at the number one spot in the North American market, with newcomers Edge Of Darkness settling for second place, and comedy When In Rome in third.

The Hollywood Reporter has also published a list of which countries Avatar has performed best in so far:

1) North America - $594.5 million
2) France - $133.9 million
3) China - $126.3 million
4) Germany - $106.7 million
5) UK - $104.6 million
6) Russia - $101.2 million
7) Japan - $92 million
8) South Korea - $88.5 million
9) Australia - $84 million
10) Spain - $82.7 million
11) Italy - $55.7 million