Vote For Your Favourite Comic Heroes & Villains

Comic Heroes wants YOU to vote for the ultimate good and bad guys!

Who’s your favourite hero in comics? Is it Batman, Superman or Spider-Man? Could it be Will Eisner’s The Spirit, or Asterix, or Tintin? Perhaps even Dennis the Menace or Postman Prat?

And what about the villains? Every good guy has his opposite number, and they’re usually as memorable as the hero they’re battling. The Dark Knight has The Joker, Supes has Bizarro and Lex Luthor, Spidey has Dock Ock and the Green Goblin, Jesse Custer has Herr Starr… and why are we talking about this? Because we want you to help us out and vote for your favourite ever comic heroes and villains!

The world of comics is all-encompassing – and here at Comic Heroes magazine we want to compile the ultimate lists of comic characters. Issue 10 of Comic Heroes (on sale 23 December) will feature the Top 50 Villains Ever, while issue 11 (on sale 24 February) will sport the Top 50 Heroes ever. And what do you have to do to help shape these definitive run-downs? Simply email us your picks of your 10 favourite villains and 10 favourite heroes (or up to 10, anyway) to . Excelsior!

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