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Stuart Townsend Replaced In Thor

Stuart Townsend (above left) has dropped out of the big screen adaptation of Marvel’s Thor on the eve of photography commencing because of "creative difference", according to The Press Association .

The Irish actor – who played Lestat in Queen Of The Damned – had been cast as Fandral, one of the Warriors Three who fight alongside the Norse God of thunder. Sources say he has been replaced by Joshua Dallas (above right), a relatively unknown actor who will be appearing in George Lucas’s war movie Red Tails, but who also had a minor part in Doctor Who’s "Silence In The Library" (as a node – sounds very minor).

This should feel like deja vu for Townsend who was to have played Aragorn in The Lord Of The Rings until he was replaced by Viggo Mortensen shortly before filming. Maybe he should shower more.