We need your questions for James Marsters

The Fannish Inquisition is back, and this time we’re giving you the chance to put your questions to James Marsters.

He’s best known for playing punkish vampire Spike in Buffy and Angel, but hanging up his fangs hasn’t meant the end of his SF and fantasy career. He’s also played Brainiac in Smallville, voiced Lex Luthor in the Superman: Doomsday cartoon and, most recently, proved more than a match for Jack Harkness as rogue-ish Time Agent Captain John Hart. Then there’s his appearance in next year’s Dragonball movie and his music career - all in all plenty to talk about…

So if you want to know whether he’d ever play Spike again, if he’ll be returning to Torchwood, or just want to ask who’d win in a scrap between Spike and Captain John, send us your questions and we’ll put them to him. Ask away. You can leave your questions in the comment thread on our website here (no registration required), on the forum, or via email to
sfx@futurenet.co.uk . We'll put it all together and ask the man himself on your behalf.

James will be appearing at The Rift, a Torchwood event in London on Saturday 26 April. He’ll be joined by stars Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd, writers Chris Chibnall, James Moran and Cath Tregenna, and producer Richard Stokes. For more info, click here .