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Tom Cruise To Play A Vampire Again?

Apparently he was developing a vampire project with Guillermo del Toro before the Hellboy director chose At The Mountains Of Madness instead

When Guillermo del Toro signed on to direct A t The Mountains Of Madness (as announced this week ) it meant that he had to drop out of other projects he was developing. And that, according to Vulture , included a vampire film with Tom Cruise. But Del Toro's departure may not be the death knell for the project.

The article reckons that “del Toro had been (and is now no longer) developing a new twist on the story of Van Helsing, vampire slayer, with Tom Cruise producing and possibly starring.” It goes on to say that Cruise is still working on the project as Universal, even without del Toro. If it happens, it would be the first time Cruise has played a vampire since proving all his critics wrong (Anne Rice among them) by proving to be a fantastic Lestat in Interview With The Vampire .