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Robert Sheehan to leave Misfits: UPDATED

Nathan's leaving the ASBO quintet – and he'll be replaced by a guy called Rudy. (Now with a bit of extra info)

Big news from the Kapow! Comic Con where it's been announced that Robert Sheehan (who plays Nathan) is leaving the show. A new character called Rudy (the show's producers are in the process of casting) will come in to fill the Nathan-shaped hole in the Asbo quintet.

They also confirmed that Nathan's departure will be explained in an online short to air ahead of the new series. The short will also introduce Rudy.

UPDATE: Broadcast has just run a story about Nathan's departure which contains a bit more info. “In typical Misfits fashion, a trip to Vegas ends in total disaster for motor-mouth Nathan," says a show spokesperson. "The exact nature of the super-teen’s departure is being kept firmly under wraps, but it may or may not involve some pic ‘n’ mix, a Fisherman’s Friend, and a tripling incident.”

Misfits creator Howard Overman adds: “It’s great to be launching the third series of Misfits with an online film which introduces our new character Rudy, as well as saying goodbye to Nathan.”

How do you feel about the news? How will the show work without one of its stars? Will a change in the cast dynamic be good for the show? And who should they bring in as Rudy? Let us know your thoughts in the usual places.