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Hone Your Zombie Make-Up Skills For The Fallen Trailer Competition

There are just four weeks left to go until the closing date for the Penguin/BFI competition to make the official trailer for Charlie Higson ’s new zombie thriller The Fallen (more information and a video from Charlie Higson here ). To inspire budding film-makers, fans of The Enemy series and all zombie fans, film-maker Marc Price has made a short film offering insider advice on creating the most realistic zombie possible.

The version here is 18 certificate; you can find a less gory version here .

Marc Price made the 2008 zombie film Colin which was shown at Cannes in 2009 where it wowed the critics. Applauded for its success despite its low budget, the total cost of production was reportedly £45. Marc Price will be taking part in a DIY Filmmaking Fortnight at the BFI, as part of their Future Film programme, where participants will have the chance to make their film for The Fallen competition.

The deadline for entries is midnight on Friday 23 August. The winning film will become the official trailer for Charlie Higson’s new book and other prizes include a mentoring experience with IdeasTap, a meeting with the BFI Film Fund, £350 vouchers for film making equipment, BFI Membership, signed copies of The Enemy series and a ticket to the BFI Future Film event on 7 September.

Full details can be found at: .