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BLOG Bristol Haul

SFX blogger Stacey Whittle reviews some of her favourite small press comics of the moment

I’ve been working my way through the comics that I picked up at the recent Bristol Comic Expo, and though I have some way to go to plough through the haul, I did want to recommend a few of them for you:

The latest issue of Zarjaz the 2000AD fanzine definitely has the wow factor with an absolutely stunning wrap around cover by the 2000AD art droid Clint Langley. This issue is an ABC Warrior special and well worth a look. The quality of this latest instalment is quite spectacular, with great stories and some absolutely outstanding artwork. If you are a 2000AD fan and you’re not picking up Zarjaz then you need a Rigellian Hotshot and no mistake. You can buy issue 11 for £3