Watch the first 8 minutes of the Scream TV show

MTV has unveiled the first 8 minutes of the new Scream TV show ahead of its official premiere on Tuesday night, in which Bella Thorne recreates the famous opening sequence of the original film where Drew Barrymore was stalked and slashed by the knife-wielding Ghostface.

The new version of the scene brings things bang up to date for a new audience (Thorne is a cyber-bully!), but the essence of the scene remains the same. Only now there's a severed head in there for good measure…

Take a look at the new sequence, below…

Anyone concerned that the network might dial down the gore for a TV audience can consider their fears duly allayed! Looks like MTV plans to paint the town well and truly red… Co-starring Bex Taylor-Klaus, Willa Fitzgerald and John Karna, Scream will debut in the US on Tuesday night at 10pm ET/PT.

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George Wales

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