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Troy Baker does a spot-on impression of Nolan North

Troy Baker is a man of many voices - that's his job, after all. Whether he's tearing apart the nation of Kyrat as dictator Pagan Min, exploring cities in the sky as Booker DeWitt, or giving us a serious case of 'the feels' as Joel from The Last of Us (opens in new tab), the man showcases a wealth of talent.

With so many fan-favorite character roles under his belt, it's only natural that people would want to see what the prolific voice actor can do when put on the spot. And put on the spot he was in this PlayStation Access video, which asked Baker to rapid-fire through 14 voices, with each character given a specific scenario to play out (such as Joel on a first date).

My personal favorite: at about 1:24 in, he does an impression of Nolan North - a voice actor whose resume is as impressive (if not more so) than Baker's thanks to his roles as Nathan Drake, Deadpool, and recently, replacing Peter Dinklage as Ghost in Destiny (opens in new tab). Check it out:

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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