Torchwood Children of Earth Trailer

Nick Setchfield: "Really impressed by that. They seem to have added a healthy dollop of Spooks to the mix - I like the suggestion that there's more of a labyrinthine political thriller feel. And, as a Welshman, my heart leaps just a little at the sight of a good Valleys girl brandishing twin guns. Go, Gwen!"

Richard Edwards: "I loved the second series, so I can’t wait for this. The trailer didn’t disappoint – I like the potentially massive scope of the premise, there’s plenty of action and I really want to know who ‘they’ are. Looks like I’m going to be staying in every night it airs..."

Russell Lewin: "I can’t stand Torchwood so this didn’t do much for me. This trailer is all so frightfully serious while at the same time using zombie-fied kids who look like they’ve just come off the Sarah Jane Adventures, and hence ridiculous. The rest of it looks very familiar."

Dave Golder: "Again, I'm not a massive Torchwood fan, but I can’t deny the trailer certainly looks cinematic and epic, if typically overwrought. Like Russell, though, I think the kids instantly give it a cheesy, lightweight feel. And doesn't it all feel a bit 'Christmas Invasion'?”

Leah Holmes: “No Tosh. Not interested.”

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