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The Eagle Awards have a new home

The comic industry's longest established awards, The Eagles, have finally found a new venue after two years

This October the Eagle Awards will take place at London’s hugely popular MCM Expo, where the 2010 awards will be announced. Then as of 2011, the awards will become part of MCM Expo's May event, which has a fantastic reputation - you'll often find SFX there with a dedicated stand, or hosting sci-fi quiz Blastermind on the stage.

The awards have been going since 1976. It wasn't until Britain had a regular annual comic convention (the United Kingdom Comic Art Convention) in 1986, however, that the awards became a regular event. They are unique due to the fact that both professionals and readers are able to vote.

MCM Expo's Paul Miley says, “We are very happy to now be the home of the Eagle Awards which we consider to be a great British institution and an important part of comic fandom recognised the world over”.

For more information on The Eagles visit the official site and for more information for London MCM Expo visit .