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Star Wars fans, you can finally have a lightsaber (in virtual reality)

Everybody wants a lightsaber. For all kinds of scientific and practical reasons, they're a little bit hard to come by in real life, but virtual reality has no such limitations. That's why this amped-up, motion-tracking version of Luke Skywalker's remote training scene is so appealing.

You can see how AtomicVR's setup looks in the upper right of the screen - that's the dude lurching back and forth and waving his arms around like a complete goober. He'd pretty much be the Star Wars kid if he didn't have an HTC Vive on his head, motion controllers in his hands, and a gaming laptop strapped to his back. But it doesn't matter how goofy he looks in real life, because deflecting blaster bolts and missiles with a pair of frickin' lightsabers in virtual reality is 100-percent worth the spectacle.

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