Spurious Awards Of The Week

New Food Scare Of The Week

Forget the horse meat scandal. Look what they keep in the fridge in The Vampire Diaries !

Readers of the New York Times last week were treated to custom-designed spread that made it look like dragons has invaded the newspaper. A shadow of one of Khaleesi’s pets was cast across a series of dummy articles, with headlines like "Lost Film Returns” and “In The Balance”. (The mock headline writers clearly don’t have the same random headline generator software that Being Human ’s writers have been using this series…) [via CoCreate.com ]

Avant Garde Ballet Of The Week

The latest image posted on Vin Diesel’s wesbite is either from Riddick , or he he’s announcing that he’s one of the celebrities on the next season of Strictly Come Dancing .

Sadly Almost Definitely False Rumour Of TheWeek

Various tabloids and tabloid websites ran a story this week about the school chimney in Gloucester that “inspired” the Daleks. Odd (handy?) that the local legend that Dalek designer Ray Cusick saw the chimney during an alleged visit to Gloucester in the ’60s should only come to light the week that he died, and therefore cannot refute or back-up the claim. It’s almost certainly not true, just as the much-repeated myth that Cusick was "inspired" by a pepper pot was denied by the designer himself (he just used a pepper pot to demonstrate to the guy whose company would build the Daleks how they were supposed to move around). But the resemblance is uncanny.

Rant Of The Week

Former LucasFilm and ILM employee Scott gave an entertaining – and thought-provoking – rant to Bloomberg TV this week, following a protest at the Oscar by FX artists claiming they are not given enough recognition or money in Hollywood; they seemed to have a particular grudge against Ang Lee's Life Of Pi , which wasn't just because that film provided the most puntastic board slogan (“I want a piece of the Pi too").

“The visual FX guys are at the bottom of the heap,” blasted Ross, “and nobody pays any attention to us, nobody gives us any due. And most we’re never really paid the amount of money we should be paid… Interestingly enough the gentleman who won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography didn’t even thank the Visual FX people. But when you look at Life Of Pi, here is a movie that is 70-80% digital. And in fact most of the visuals that you see in the movie that are absolutely beautiful – which is why the Academy probably voted for it – have little to do with the director of photography, and mostly to do with the [FX artists]”

He then went on to blast Hollywood directors for not being able to make their minds up when it comes to FX, He claims the escalating costs of FX movies should not be blamed on the FX crews, but on directors who keep asking for tweaks and changes. “We’re doing it for a $10 taxi ride but the guy in the back is saying, ‘take me all round Manhattan’.”

Video Diary Of The Week


Accessorization Of The Week

A Leia slave girl purse chained to a Jabba handbag. Genius. [via Geeks Are Sexy ]

New Perspective Of The Week


A lightsaber battle from Darth Vader's POV. We expect the sequel soon…

Reimagining Of The Week

Canadian artist Phil Postma has created a viral sensation with his re-imagined version of the original Star Trek characters as if they were rebooted by Pixar. Loads more at TrekMovie.com .

Geek Reference Of The Week

From the latest episode of Suits , and proof that the writers are geeks like us:

A conversation between two lawyers.

First lawyer: "Do you know how we won World War Two?"
Second lawyer: "Yeah, of course. Spock didn't let Kirk save Joan Collins from being hit by that car."
First lawyer: "Wrong! We'd already won. Kirk would have just changed the course of history."
Second lawyer: [Thinks] "...I accept that."

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