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Spurious Awards Of The Week

Promotion Of The Week

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Gene gets ready for field duties in Fringe (boom, boom).

Reboot Of The Week

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The new version of Mr Benn kicks off with the bowler-hatted time-traveller stepping out of the magic changing room into Mystic Falls, where he has some trouble with vampires.

Unexpected Guest Star Of The Week

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Sesame Street ’s Big Bird cursed by the spectre of typecasting in Grimm .

Crossover Of The Week

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Dwarf escapes from Once Upon A Time and turns up in another different universe in Fringe . Now there’s a scary idea for a shared universe…

Trailer Of The Week

Disney XD and Marvel have teamed with the NBA to present the Ultimate Spider-Man and NBA mash-up video. We’re not entirely sure why.

Mix-Up Of The Week

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What if Elliot had befriended the wrong alien? [via Geeks Are Sexy ]

Graffiti Of The Week

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[Via AlsBoy on Twitpic ]

Anything Can Be Improved With Zombies Of The Week

Seth Grahame-Smith, eat your heart out.

Way To Ensure Your Company Gets Bomb Threats Of The Week

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We’re saying nothing. And the SFX office is in Reykjavik, by the way, just in case even featuring this makes us a target…

Time And Rubbish Disposal Of The Week

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The TARDIS trash can . Step on the pedal, and not only does the roof open up so you can chuck away those empty jelly babies packets, but the light comes on and you get a blast of the dematerialisation sound effect. And with more room on the inside than the outside, no need to worry about fortnightly rubbish collection.

Degeneration Of The Week

What Adventures In Time or The Eternity Clock would have looked like if they’d been made in the ’80s (except, of course, they would have featured Davison, McCoy or Baker).

Protection Of The Week

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How to stop those pesky midi-chlorians – Star Wars condoms. Not commercially available, sadly, but the work of Benedetto Papi , How about some glow in the dark ones so that you can create your own lightsaber (ooo-er, missus).

Therapy Of The Week

From Peter (voice of Darth Maul, you know) Serafinowicz’s last radio show on BBC 6Music. We love Peter. Give him another TV series.

Scariest Spin-Off Idea Of The Week

Just what the world doesn’t need – Avengers Babies

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