Spurious Awards Of The Week

TV Highlight Of The Week

Unlike on Harry Hill’s TV Burp , our TV Moment Of The Week isn’t nabbing the accolade in a smirking, ironic way. Lost Girl truly did deliver the greatest Telafantasy moment of the week, hands down. If you still aren’t watching this ever-improving show, then hopefully this will go some way towards rectifying that situation. And no, we’re not just giving it this award because we’re a bunch of pervy blokes… watch it all the way through. You’ll see why… (Note for wary Lost Girls fans who haven’t seen the episode: it’s not spoilery in an arc plot sense, but you may prefer to watch it in context.)

Cliché Of The Week

In Fringe this week: living proof that owners look like their dogs.

Crossover Of The Week

The Mole from Thunderbirds makes a guest appearance in Fringe !

Thinly-Veiled Rock Star Of The Week

So, who was playing the Queen Of Hearts in this week’s Once Upon A Time ? Sitting behind a veil, only talking via a tube to her servant, never showing her face... it’s Lady Gaga!

Steampunk Star Wars Of The Week

The Force is strong in artist Bjorn Hurri . And we not talking midi-chlorians, but STEAM! There are more of his works of genius at his website. [via Comics Alliance ]

Alphabet Of The Week

The best way to teach your children how to read ever! We love this, because not only is it great fun, but it’s a practically a quiz as well! Join in the fun.

Office Bonding Exercise Suggestion Of The Week

Well it sure beats making water rafts out of oil drums. Available from Wish.co.uk .

What If? Of The Week

To celebrate the release of The Hunger Games , Entertainment Weekly created 16 posters imagining what the film might have been like if other famous directors had adapted it, including (above) David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, Roger Corman, Garry Marshall and Pixar. Click on the image of the link to see the others.

The Return Of The Honorary Portal Award Of The Week

A laser playing the music “Still Alive?” from Portal whilst etching the Aperture logo in a sheet of metal. Quite what possessed Chris DePrisco to create and film this is a complete mystery to us, but he’s already got nearly half a million hits out of it, so it’s clearly more popular than our vid of Matt Smith kicking a football.

Worst Shoes Of The Week

Vans trainers used to be cool. Not any more, thanks to bbee.etsy.com and bloody Twilight [via pinterest.com ]

Radical Superhero Makeover Of The Week

If you weren’t impressed with J M Straczynski’s makeover of Wonder Woman a while back, then how about DC’s latest attempt to woo back fans? No, we jest. This isn’t the new Wonder Woman costume, but an example of the new Spencer Gifts line of officially licensed DC bikinis. Oh, and in the interests of fairness…

Politically Correct Balance Of The Week

A nearly naked man in some Batman pants, from Diesel .

Graffiti Of The Week

[via Blastr ]

Critic Of The Week

Charles Stross come off worse: “Stross writes like an internet puppy: energetically, egotistically, sometimes amusingly, sometimes affectingly, but always irritatingly.”

But his most biting comments were left for Shari S Tepper’s The Waters Rising: “How can one describe it? For f*ck’s sake, it is a quest saga and it has a talking horse. There are puns on the word ‘neigh’.”

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