Spurious Awards Of The Week

Judge Bod, James Bond, Hogwarts school fees, a medieval Dark Knight, Firefly reimagined, TARDIS glass and a whole load more

Bondage Of The Week

Honestly, we don’t think anything could be more gloriously spurious than this. It almost becomes a tonal poem. And with 92% of voters saying yes, SFX should cover James Bond, we’ll also award the franchise Result Of The Week (it’s almost like we engineered it just so we could post this video).

Wow Moment Of The Week

Call it the Breakfast Club reversal effect. Ever seen that film? Or more to the point, ever met anyone who’s seen that film who didn’t prefer Ally Sheedy as a goth rather than the bland all-American girl next door she turned into at the end? In this week’s Lost Girl , Kenzi showed how it should have been done. I mean, we adore her as a goth, but wow… she took our breath away with that Audrey Hepburn entrance.

Image Of The Week

While we’re still waiting for the Community cast as characters from Babylon 5 , here in the meantime is the Big Bang Theory cast in Firefly mode. Created by Megan Levens , and discovered on Zap2It .

Live Action Remake Of The Week

Ah, how that irritating inability to judge gaps takes us back…

Pimped Ride Of The Week

This beauty was posted by tech journo Jack Schofield , and verily did the internet rounds ( Gizmodo , Nerd Approved , Geekologie ) but so far, nobody actually seems to have given any explanation for it. Not that that diminishes its awesomeness, but if anyone can enlighten us?

Crossover Of The Week

Next week, Snake Plissken guest stars in Teletubbies . Please.

Most Tasteful Light Fitting Of The Week

Need that goth lighting look to your front room but the candles keep setting off the fire alarms? Then try this Half-Life -inspired barnacle lamp .

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Most Irritating Man Of The Week

This would be 10 times funnier if it were a quarter the length. But hey, we can’t disagree with general pisstaking of the vocal delivery in Nolan’s Batman s.

Glassware Of The Week

Just a few of our favourite items of custom-etched glassware for fans of movies, sci-fi, anime and gaming available from FanBoyGlass .

Cunningly Relevant Fan-Made Film Of The Week

This is a quite stunning little film set in the Mass Effect universe, which, rather aptly, lets you choose the ending…

Critic Of The Week

Via 9gag.com .

The Now-Obligatory Skyrim Award Of The Week

Skyrim is the new Portal 2 here at Spurious central.

Cosplay Of The Week EVER

A Dark Medieval Knight, created by Azmal (via Deviant Art ).

Calculation Of The Week

Fancy buying a Death Star? Then you need to have a spare £543,511,248,000,000,060 stuck down the back of the sofa. Oh, and you’d need to wait 800,000 years and use up most of the iron in the Earth’s core. That’s the findings of a bunch of economics students at Lehigh University, who tried to estimate how long it would take and how much it would cost to build one of the planet-destroying weapons from Star Wars. If that didn’t sound spurious enough, the same bunch of students have worked out that the annual fees for Hogwarts would be £26,816. Quite what hogwash they base this on is anybody’s guess, but perhaps they could next work out how much each Fringe fan would need to contribute to Kickstarter to ensure season five.

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