Russian artist makes a literal point-and-shoot Game Boy Camera

Game Boy Camera's rotating lens provided the first selfie-taking experience for countless players, but it was always a bit awkward to swivel it around and try to capture anything else. If only we could have swapped that bulky Game Boy body for something with a more natural point-and-click interface...

Moscow-based artist Dmitry Morozov is on it, having fixed the guts of a Game Boy, Game Boy Camera, and Game Boy Printer to the side of a toy handgun, creating a contraption that mixes the charm of early digital cameras with the menace of firearms. It may be the most threatening possible implementation of a game that lets you put your dog's face on a stick figure juggler.

With the 'gbg-8', all you need to do is flip a couple of switches, sight down your subject, and pull the trigger to capture them in Game Boy Camera's distinct 8-bit visuals. Then you can preserve their look of confusion forever by beaming the picture over to the Game Boy Printer (and by forever I mean until you accidentally leave it out in the sun and the thermal print fades).

Check out Morozov's website for some more of his mechano-artistics works, including an acoustic iPod made from a stethoscope and a jar full of springs.

Connor Sheridan

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