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Pushing Daisies Finale A Triumph, says Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly’s Mike Ausiello delivers a glowing verdict on the final episode of Pushing Daisies, but there's still no news about when it might air:

"As a regular episode of Pushing Daisies, it was an absolute triumph. The main plot pits Vivian and Lily against their old synchronised swimming rivals, The Aqua Dolls (played by Wendy Malick and Nora Dunn). As you can imagine, inspired silliness ensues. Highlights include enough bitchy one-liners to fill a dozen EW SoundBites columns, Jaws-themed scene transitions that are a perfect blend of cheese and cheesier, a cameo by a very grown up (and rather buff) Wilson Cruz, and an unrecognisable Josh Hopkins as the Aqua's bitchy, bleach-blond manager. Now, as a satisfying conclusion to the series, the episode falls a little short – but through no fault of Bryan Fuller and his extraordinary team. Remember, this was never intended to be a series finale. Fuller and co had to piece together a prologue using existing footage and some well-placed CGI, and the finished product is pretty amazing. Will it leave you wanting more? Probably. Is it better than the alternative (i.e., ending on a cliffhanger)? Damn straight it is. I'm more than happy with the end result, and I have no doubt you will be, too.”