New trailer for Ash vs. Evil Dead is decidedly groovy

Starz has teased some more new footage from Ash vs. Evil Dead with the release of a new trailer, in which everyone’s favourite chainsaw-wielding hero finds himself battling the Deadite hordes once again.

As was the case with the first trailer, this new teaser is pleasingly splatter-filled, as Ash sets about rolling back the years to battle the forces of evil. However, could it be his fault that they’re back on the march in the first place? Given his track record, the answer is probably yes.

Check out the new trailer, below…

While there may have been some trepidation among fans when this one was first announced, everything we’ve seen so far points to a gleefully gore-soaked return to past glories. Time to hail to the king all over again… Starring Bruce Campbell in the title role, Ash vs. Evil Dead will debut on Starz on October 31 2015.

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George Wales

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