David Duchovny talks new X-Files series - "I dont want to act like its 20 years ago"

A new series of The X-Files is officially on the way, and David Duchovny has been discussing what we can expect from the returning sci-fi show. The star was speaking with The New York Times, and revealed the new run will be filmed in Vancouver, a regular location for the original series.

"The time is right because we got our [act] together to do it," explains Duchovny. "In terms of culturally or what people want to see, I don’t know. I imagine if we waited too much longer people would eventually lose interest."

"It’s different from something like Star Trek, which started out campy and then, especially with the J.J. Abrams stuff, became legit somehow. You might argue with me, but I always felt like we were legit."

"We’re still trying to do the same show. It’s not like were trying to make it 2.0, or whatever the .0 is now…. 3.0? We’re gonna make the same show. But it’ll be interesting because Gillian and I are older. I don’t want to act like it’s 20 years ago."

The new series will consist of a six-episode run, and is expected to debut at some point in 2016.

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