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Get an Elgato Stream Deck for $59.99 and press all the right buttons (because you chose them)

Cheap Elgato Stream Deck amazon day prime deal
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If you're a streamer, or want to be, then you'll want this cheap Elgato Stream Deck Amazon Prime Day deal at $59.99, saving you $40.00 (opens in new tab) on the six button version. 

Using those six buttons you can trigger just about anything on your PC so it's idea for logos, clips and transitions as you stream. The buttons themselves are LCD screens that can be customised with icons, animated GIFs or a range of pre-selected images to help you see what you're doing. And you can nest folders within each one so a single button can have an unlimited number of options. 

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Elgato Stream Deck Mini $59.99 | save $40.00 (opens in new tab). With six customisable buttons you can use to trigger just about anything on your PC.

Using those keys you can switch scenes, launch media or other video clips, adjust audio and more. Multi Actions lets you trigger several things at once, or in sequence,  and with the ability to turn keys into folders you can also access unlimited actions.

It's easy to set up too, with a basic drag and drop interface to set actions to keys and it directly integrates with things like your game capture, OBS, XSplit, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and all the rest. It's basically a handy tool if you've ever want to have more control and interactivity in a live stream. 

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