Another site's games of the year

Dec 17, 2007

Assuming you're not already mid-yawn at the prospect of another end of year awards feature (and yes, GR's alternative Platinum Chalice awards are coming this Thursday, Dec 20th) you could do worse than point your browserhere (opens in new tab) and check out this extremely serious and very sensible indeed Best 30 Games of 2007 courtesy of our sister site Next Generation.

All your favorite lines from 'Best Of…' features are present and correct including such classics as "[insert year here] was a great year for videogames," "So without further ado…" and everyone's favorite, "We’re on track for a record sales year." Oh, there's a list of30 games too. Why not try and guess which order BioShock, Super Mario Galaxy and Rock Band come in the top three before you read it. You know you want to.So without further ado... (opens in new tab)

If want to see an applicable list of videogames, gocheck out our 2007buyer's guide (opens in new tab).

Happy holidays,Next Generation (opens in new tab)!